Sat, Jul 22, 23

Do you want some good news this morning?  Apparently, men’s skin ages differently to women’s.  And not just differently but because of physiological differences in our skin a man’s skin appears to age at a slower rate that a woman’s skin!  One survey suggests that men’s skin looks up to 15 years younger than women’s!! The boring part of this is that the difference in male and female hormones mean that men have up to 25% more collagen in their skin. Given that, as with all these things there is no guarantee, genetics play a part as do lifestyle choices and men often do things that can speed up the signs of aging.


We’ve talked about sun damage before and men will often spend time outdoors without using any sun protection which women rarely do.  Without wanting to generalize men are more likely to work out of doors and therefore have long periods of exposure to the sun.


Typically, until recently men have notoriously been less fastidious about skincare than women but hopefully with products like GRAFTED where there is no complexity and no bullshit that will start to shift.


Men do lose their skin protecting hormone (testosterone in men) more gradually – helping us keep our youthful good looks however that doesn’t mean we don’t need some help in that regard and keeping clean and replenishing the moisture in our skin is essential.


We don’t really start to notice the aging process too much until we hit our 40s and 50s but by then the damage can have been done and it is difficult to reverse the effects of too much sun, lack of moisture and care.  So the message is simple, to keep that boyish charm, start early, wash, moisturize and by the time you are in your 50s you will be irresistible!



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