Body Wash!
Mon, Mar 13, 23

Do you want a quick and simple way to improve confidence?

Do you want to feel good about yourself every morning?

Do you want an instant boost every morning?


You’ve got to answer yes to all those questions surely – it’s a no-brainer!


Without going into too much science that I’m not qualified to talk about the sense of smell is apparently most closely linked to memory and is highly emotive, smells can not only take us back to places we felt safe or unsafe, to childhood, to Christmas etc but can also encourage different emotions.


Ask people what their favourite natural smell is and you will get answers like, bread baking, coffee brewing, freshly cut grass, even petrol but one thing is certain nobody will ever say the natural smell of bodies!! Let’s be honest here – we all smell if we don’t wash properly and after a hard days graft there is definitely no shame in it.  It is almost a badge of honour to prove you have grafted at work, in the gym, taking part in sporting activities or playing in a team.


Smell is also key when it comes to attraction between two people, most of this is subconscious and as mentioned earlier can be linked to fond memories.  This can be both a positive or negative response, think of your reaction when you smell burning, rotten food, drains etc or your response when you smell your favourite food or drink or a familiar perfume.


Are you wondering where this is all leading? Well it is a chance to talk about our Bodywash.  As well as being cleansing it also has properties that are hydrating and moisturising, it has emollients which are softening and anti-bacterial ingredients.  A key ingredient is coconut oil, the properties of which are well known, healing, moisturising and calming as well as Antibacterial.


The antibacterial elements are important as body odour is caused by a mixture of bacteria and sweat. 


The outcome of using Grafted Bodywash means you will be starting the day feeling fresh and smelling good setting yourself up for a positive day, what a simple way to boost your confidence early in the day.

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