Fresh Air
Thu, Jun 01, 23


Why is fresh air good for you?  When you were kids your mum and dad were always keen to get you playing outside weren’t they?  I always thought it was to get you away from under their feet but apparently there are other reasons and one of them is related to skincare – who knew!!


Apparently fresh air is like a boost of Oxygen, a Breath of Fresh Air for Perfect Skin. Our skin needs oxygen and a lack of oxygen will make our skin look older, dull and dehydrated.  We've been told before fresh air not only cleans your lungs, it can also boost your mood, lower your heart rate, increase energy levels and even improve digestion but in addition going out in warmer temperatures work to increase collagen production, which improves your skin's elasticity, and gets rid of lines and wrinkles. Oxygen regenerates, so it figures that will work on your skin meaning it will regenerate quicker the more you are exposed to the fresh air.  Oxygen is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory all of which helps to make your skin glow!


Did you also know that sweat helps to remove cellular waste, leaving you with a clearer complexion.


It’s difficult to quantify but because fresh air can boost your mood then it is almost bound to have a positive effect on your skin as well.


We do know that cold air can also dry out your skin and we need to replace moisture more thoroughly when we spend a lot of time outdoors but it does appear that there is nothing to replace a boost of pure oxygen we get from being outside in the fresh air.

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