Go Hard! But Not at the Expense of your Skin!
Fri, Mar 17, 23

Do you think you could tell if hands belonged to a man or a woman from a photo?  Lets imagine they are all the same size and there is no jewellery or nail polish on them.


I think it will be easy!!


Obviously we need to avoid generalisations as lots of women don’t have delicate, well-cared for hands but I would suggest that the majority of women do use hand cream!!


Many carry hand cream in their bags, use it when they wash their hands, realise when their hands feel dry, chapped or affected by cold. But let’s be honest here, most hand creams are perfumed!! Come on lads, do you really want to smell of lavender or rose?


In addition, let’s be honest after a hard days Graft, more than a delicate, fragranced cream is needed!  Something more hardworking – there is no point being delicate with hands that have been out in the elements, working in the open air, taking part in extreme sports or gripping equipment in the gym? 


The more likely scenario is that your partner will be stealing the more hardworking hand cream – nothing can ever be too good at the job it is meant for can it?  Don’t wait to get home to use it though – not all men or women carry a bag but you can always keep some hand cream in a locker at work, in your gym bag, in your car….


GRAFTED is all about going hard but not at the expense of your skin – none of us what that to be hard!!!



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