Hand Cream!
Mon, Feb 13, 23

There is a reason that Rudolph had a red nose at this time of year!  In addition to us all catching various bugs and colds the cold weather plays havoc with our skin! 


It isn’t just faces either, think of the toll the cold takes on our hands.  If your work involves you being open to the elements you know exactly what we mean.  Equally if you are into outdoor pursuits and extreme sports it really doesn’t matter how good your gloves are there are many times when nothing replaces bare hands!


Sadly having dry and sore skin is a common problem during the winter months, this is a problem which shouldn’t be ignored. It can be sore and inflamed in the short term and in the longer term can cause dermatitis.


It’s kind of an easy fix to take better care of your hands, carrying a tube of Grafted Handcare is not going to add extra bulk or weight to your gym bag, your work kit or your sports bag.  Some things which have a negative effect on your hands include dirt, oil, pollution, sun and environment so counteracting some of these with a quick squirt of hand cream makes good sense!


GRAFTED products contain anti-bacterials as well as anti-pollutants which are specific to our products.  Alongside this and our innovative design all our products are British made which ensures a standard of quality control that is world renowned. 


In addition we believe your partner will thank us for improving the skin of your hands!!

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