Men, You Can Keep it Simple
Tue, Apr 11, 23

There are lots of skincare products on the market aren’t there?  By no means all are aimed at a female market but the vast majority are and many men rely on using the products that their wives and girlfriends have bought.  However most of these are formulated specifically for female skin.


Additionally a lot of products are designed as part of a full skincare routine.  Be honest, how many of us have the time or inclination to cleanse twice, tone our skin, add serum, apply eye cream, use spot cream, apply moisturiser, apply retinoid and any other steps in the skincare routine which use a number of products?  That all sounds like a lot of faff doesn’t it when what you really want is to moisturise your skin and keep it looking good and feeling soft and clean.


We believe you want hydration, protection from the elements and smoother skin without it taking half an hour! What more do you want from skincare?


There are reasons, of course, that men and women’s skincare is formulated differently.  For example men’s skin has a higher collagen content and means that while women’s skin ages faster after a certain age, men’s skin gradually ages from a really early age making it really important to use moisturiser from a young age.


Female skin is also more prone to change being affected by hormones throughout their adult years.  This means that women often need to change their skincare routine to allow for these changes whereas men’s skincare can largely remain the same throughout their lives.


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