Skincare in the Summer
Wed, May 24, 23

Does skincare need to be different in the summer?

 Of course it does.  We wear less clothes in the summer so it figures that we will wear less on our skin.

As always with GRAFTED we want to keep things simple.  The less complex routines are the more likely we are to keep up with them.

So keep your routine simple… 

Make sure you cleanse properly; pores get blocked with sweat and obviously any dust and dirt that is transferred when you rub your face.


Exfoliate more often – your skin can feel oilier in the summer and exfoliating helps to get rid of excess oils and sunscreen.


Wear sunscreen – we don’t need to talk about the damaging effects of UV on the skin, how it can permanently damage the top layer and in most severe cases cause skin cancer.


Keep yourself hydrated.  OK we can use moisturiser and sunscreen but for overall wellbeing, health and skin health nothing replaces drinking water. 


Water keeps your body hydrated, refreshed and maintains skins elasticity.


While making long term changes to your skin can take time, you will notice a boost in skin hydration after only a couple of days of increasing your water consumption. 8 glasses a day is the recommended amount and although water is the preference other unsweetened fluids will do the job.


Drinking fluid helps keep your skin plumper, slowing the ageing process and minimising wrinkles, it balances the oils on your skin, reducing pore size and helping reduce dry skin.


Keep moisturised and drink fluids – Easy!



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