The Grafted Dictionary
Thu, Jul 27, 23






  • successful in producing a desired or intended result.


  • existing in fact, though not formally acknowledged as such.


Let’s write a list that is going to improve our lives. We can put all sorts on it, let’s start with improving our diet, increasing our exercise, spending more time with our family …..


They all sound like great ideas but what we really need to do is, rather than write a to-do list write a list of what we want to achieve, this is the only way that any of our plans will be effective.


Take increasing healthy eating, what do you want to achieve by that?  It must be measurable ideally.  So, do you want to lose weight, lower your blood pressure, lower your blood sugar, sleep better, or feel better generally?  Unless you are able to see the results, however small they are, you are highly unlikely to keep going rendering he program ineffective.  If it isn’t effective it is possibly a waste of time!


In order to make anything effective really think about what you want to achieve, there are always more ways to skin a cat than you know but let’s focus on what we want in order to make the journey effective.


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