The Grafted Dictionary
Tue, Feb 28, 23




  • Hard work


  • heavy labour


  • labour, work, industry, effort




  • graftis a piece of healthy skin or bone, or a healthy organ, which is attached to a damaged part of your body by a medical operation in order to replace  You can graft one idea or political system on to another


  • A grafter is a worker, especially a particularly industrious or dedicated worker



If you think of Graft do you think of something difficult?  Something which is going to take a lot of effort, application and dedication?  Graft is certainly not easy is it? 


That begs the question if anything is easy to attain do we really want it?  Something that is simple just becomes very pedestrian very quickly doesn’t it?  However Graft and hard work mean different things to different people.  Things that most of us take for granted and find simple may be almost impossibly hard work for the next person.


At GRAFTED we don’t like to put levels or names on anything because if it is something that interests you, that involves hard work, aspiration, goal setting and achievement then we are all for it! Put the hard work in and you will achieve your goals – we all know this and should remind ourselves daily! 


Dedication, industriousness, hard work are the ingredients we need to make a success of what we are trying to achieve and these are all encompassed in the word Graft!!  Use it daily to remind you of your goals and also to look at what your hard graft had already helped you receive!






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