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Tue, Mar 28, 23







  • facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.
  • awareness or familiaritygained by experience of a fact or situation.


I was taught from a young age that knowledge is power and I have tried to live by this mantra.  However knowledge means many different things to many different people, if knowledge is simply measured by qualifications then that dismisses a huge number of people who for various reasons have never taken or not been good at exams. 


Does knowledge need to be measured?  Is knowledge of the seasons, the effect a certain exercise has on your body or why we need a varied diet any more or less important than understanding the historical significance of Napolean’s influence on the making of modern Europe?


At Grafted we believe that self-knowledge is way more important than any of the above, knowing your own mental state, processes and disposition is a high priority, it helps us understand our place in the world, where we are going and what we are striving for, it helps us know what we value and give credence to as well as what we need to do to make ourselves feel better, what exercise suits us, what activities help us relax and how best to achieve our ambitions.


Self-knowledge is both immeasurable and infinite, do you know anybody who knows everything there is to know about themselves? 

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