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Fri, Apr 28, 23







What does power mean to you? Does it mean the power that others have over you or the power you have over others?  More importantly does it refer to the power you have over yourself and your own thoughts, ambitions and motivations?  Personal power is definitely an attitude and state of mind and comes down to the positive influence you can have over others and yourself. It is important to remember that as Spiderman says “with great power comes great responsibility” and nowhere is that responsibility greater than to yourself.  Ultimately we have responsibility for our own actions and reactions. 


In this way it refers to strength of mind rather than strength of body but they are inextricably linked.  Recent studies have shown that exercise can directly affect a number of things related to good physical and mental health, even to the point of improving brain function.  We also know that a strong mind, self confidence and accomplishment go hand in hand. 


Use your power positively to focus on yourself, switch off from what others think of you, focus your power on what you need, how to increase your own mental and physical strength – nothing is impossible.

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