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Mon, May 29, 23



  • fulfilment of one's wishes, expectations, or needs, or the pleasure derived from this.
  • the payment of a debt or fulfilment of an obligation or claim.
  • sense of fulfilment and pride felt by people who enjoy their work and do it well. This feeling is enhanced if the significance of the work done and its value are recognized by those in authority


“I can’t get no satisfaction” what does that mean?  What is satisfaction, is it happiness, is it contentment…..


It is almost unattainable isn’t it?  And so it should be.  We need to feel satisfaction at all times in some areas of life but total satisfaction would mean we stopped striving for better and if we aren’t moving forward then we are moving backwards.


But also is satisfaction good enough?  When you are filling in a survey and you are asked your opinion the options are usually, very dissatisfied, dissatisfied, neutral, satisfied or very satisfied!  What is very satisfied? That is when the service or product has gone one step further than needed.  Isn’t that what we should always be aiming for?  Not simple satisfaction but satisfaction PLUS.  I don’t think I would be happy if anything about me was described as satisfactory.


Let’s think of satisfaction as the base level and once we achieve that then let’s try to attain more and more.  Gratification and fulfilment are definitely not to be sniffed at but it is really important to keep aiming for better and better. 


When people tell you that you are never satisfied rather than thinking of it as an insult view it as a compliment and say “Thank you so much”



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