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Frank Green - Product Review
Fri, Jul 07, 23

We are all encouraged to re-use, recycle, reduce and repair aren’t we?  Sometimes in order to do that you really have to pay a little bit more in order to avoid paying twice!


One product that we have used for a number of years at GRAFTED is Frank Green water and drinks bottles.  We can’t recommend them enough – some of the original water bottles we have are still going strong after 8 years and starting to look a little grim but trust me they still work.


The reason we like them so much is they don’t use a horrible plastic straw, that with the best will in the world always start to perish and give off a horrible plastic smell and taste.  Being honest it puts us off drinking and that’s not good is it! They have an award winning push button lid that can be opened with one hand, are BPA free and actually look pretty good as well.  You can get them in all sorts of colours including neon pink if that’s your thing!!

https://uk.frankgreen.com/pages/about take a look at all their products – we think they started with re-usable water bottles but have loads of different ones now including cups and bowls which keep liquid either hot or cold.


Another thing we love about these products is they seem to bounce, we have chucked them around cars, dropped them, used them in many gyms, carried them around the world and they have managed to survive! In fact the lid has proved to be mendable but when one was smashed totally we managed to buy just the lid from the site which makes us think they adhere to their philosophy of re-usability by not replacing the bit that still works.

 All round they are great but let us know if you have any other recimmendations!


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