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Have you Got 5 Minutes Spare A Day?
Mon, Feb 13, 23

Have you got 5 minutes spare a day?  You are asked that a lot aren’t you?  Everything important just takes 5 minutes but those 5 minutes add up and can add pressure to what already feels like an overloaded system.


It is making sure that you either enjoy those five minutes or see the benefits of them.  5 minutes skipping every morning is going to help with calories burning, improving cardiovascular endurance, help with glowing skin, enhance muscle definition and generally give you a boost of energy.


It isn’t always time spent but consistency, my grandmother died in her mid 50s, she was generally healthy and walked daily but to my knowledge had never attended a gym, never been to a fitness class and although she had a good diet would have happily lived on liquorice and toffee, however she had a 6 pack that would be the envy of many a gym babe.  This was achieved by every morning doing 5 minutes of sit ups or rollouts with an old fashioned abdominal roller.  No fantastic gym gear or kit just 5 minutes of consistency every morning. 


We are not saying you should all rush out and buy an abdominal roller or a skipping rope but find that thing that you can do for 5 minutes that you enjoy and will reap benefits in the longer term.


Find that thing that gives you a good feeling, what gives you the feeling might be different to what works for your partner, friends, relatives but it has to work for you.  It may not even be physical, it might be writing in your diary, reading something uplifting, taking 5 minutes to meditate….. you choose and stick to it!

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