Well Being
Tue, Mar 07, 23

Holidays!! Who doesn’t love a holiday?  Most of us really look forward to them, don’t we?


But have you ever looked forward to a holiday believing that all your problems will melt away because you are away from home, in a warmer climate, not at work?




However generally one of two things happens.  The first one is that it makes not a lot of difference and why would it?  How does anxiety, depression, long term fatigue or stress melt away that quickly.  Maybe the break will give you headspace to re-assess, look at issues which need addressing or really think about your life.  Mostly though you spend time with family and friends, partying, drinking and enjoying the sunshine: in fact, doing everything you can in order to avoid having time to think.


Secondly, you may get there and immediately feel lighter and more relaxed away from money worries, work, or daily challenges.  The problem with that is that towards the end of the holiday that sinking feeling starts to creep in.  We have all had the Sunday evening feeling before work or school (who remembers dreading the Heartbeat music).  This is far worse though.  You know nothing has changed and you are going back to the same shit that stressed you out before the holiday. 


Holidays really are a time to kick-back and enjoy some relaxation so don’t spend your hard earned money doing something you aren’t going to enjoy because you can’t switch off from whatever is going on in your life!  Address it before you go!  Do what you need to do to ensure you aren’t coming home to the same things that made you so stressed you felt you were limping towards your holiday.


Holidays are a necessary and welcome part of life but they definitely aren’t the answer to any issues you may have.  Get things in order so you can really enjoy that time on the beach, slopes or mountain.  Make sure you aren’t going into debt to make that holiday, prepare for how you will feel on your return and if necessary plan ahead so you have things to look forward to once the tan has faded.

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