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Mirafit Skipping Rope
Fri, Jun 09, 23

We’ve mentioned skipping a few times haven’t we? Do you think we all spend out lunch times outside with a skipping rope?  Just for clarification – we don’t but if we did then this is the skipping rope we would be using!


There are tons of skipping ropes on the market and you can pay anything from £2 to £40 so to find one that seems to do the job for everybody, is hard wearing and feels good to use at a reasonable price could be a challenge. 


Skipping ropes fit in to the category of “buy cheap, buy twice” as they do wear out and need to be able to withstand scraping across concrete floors and being folded into gym bags etc on a regular basis.  The handles need to feel comfortable and not start slipping as soon as your hands get a bit sweaty, there needs to be some weight to the rope to help build momentum and most importantly the length need to be easily adjustable – have you ever tried skipping with a rope that is too long or too short?  This is not fun, not a good look and you won’t be doing it for long.


After a bit of research this is the one we love https://mirafit.co.uk/mirafit-3m-adjustable-skipping-rope-aluminium-handles.html


The info behind it is that it is 3 metres long but the length can be adjusted quickly and easily and is quite cool the way it alters, it has durable, hardwearing but lightweight handles and the ball bearings mean it has a really smooth spinning action.


The skipping rope is £11.95 but the whole website is well worth a look at.


Again do let us know your thoughts




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