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Runderwear Review
Wed, Apr 26, 23

What is the first thing you do when you take up a new activity, hobby or interest?  Is it talk to other people who take part, research how to start, make new friends with a similar interest…… is it heck!!!  We all know the first thing that happens is your bank account gets absolutely rinsed buying all the equipment you think you might need.  We have all been seen on the slopes, golf course, mountainside, in the gym sporting the latest useless gadget or piece of kit. Let’s be honest here – specific gear for any activity is always over-priced, as soon as you attach a label making it sound like the must have thing for your chosen activity they add a couple of quid of not a couple of zeros to the price.


However, this is a shoutout to runderwear Anti-Blister socks!  These socks are an excellently priced piece of kit that will serve you well.  They were a recommendation from a PT and one that proved to follow through on their promises. Their USP is that they will never give you blisters!  A few of our team have used them for a year or two now and can confirm that they do live up to their reputation.  They have been used on hikes and runs with a mixture of new boots and old and always done the job they promised!


They feel amazingly soft being made from a mixture of polyamide, tactel and elastane, double layered and fit ergonomically.  Apart from all that they look pretty good! They go under boots or trainers and literally are comfy enough to wear as everyday socks on site.


They come in a variety of lengths and sizes, are in recycled packaging and come in at £12.00 a pair.  Have a look at the website https://www.runderwear.co.uk/, they often have offers on these and many other products.


If you try them let us know what you think, it’s always great to get feedback on recommendations!





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