Well Being
You Do You
Fri, Apr 07, 23

“You do You”. Whilst I understand the sentiment of this phrase it seems to me that it is a little passive aggressive.  It is as good as saying “Do what you want but I don’t agree with you”


Why do we feel we need approval of others in order to justify our actions?  Specifically when we are talking about looking after ourselves.  You don’t need to be very old to appreciate that self-care is simply that SELF-care. 


Taking responsibility for elements of your life that you can deal with is the first step towards self acceptance and confidence.  Of course we are not saying that every step works and every step is a move in the right direction but merely the action of making an effort in the self-care area helps to engender a more positive mindset. Skin care may not feel like a huge leap but we strongly believe that looking after your skin hugely helps on the journey to look after your mental and physical health. The routine of moisturising and looking after yourself is soothing and calming as well as helping to repel many of the negative effects on skin including dirt, oil, pollution, sun, shaving, heat and stress.


There are always people available to help and listen and help you achieve your potential and they are almost exclusively not people that will tell you “You do You”.


If you met your PT at the gym and worked out a routine suited to your body, level of fitness and what you wanted to achieve it is unlikely that your PT would let you get away with “you doing you” but in order to achieve what you wanted to would insist that you adhered to the programme that had been developed for your needs. In the same way if you wanted to discuss personal issues with somebody who could help you either work through issues or achieve targets, “you do you” would definitely not be advice that was forthcoming!


Having said all that be careful not to be over-influenced by other people’s ideas of what is the right thing for you to do.  What is right for many of your friends mental and physical health may not be the best thing for you.  Self protection is key!


So “You do you” is not necessarily a bad thing just be careful of where to apply it in your life.

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